Canon (Rock) is the 241ST stage of Piano Tiles 2. The stage can be purchased at a cost of 2360 coins. Along with Fur Elise, Turkish March and Flight of the Bumblebee, it is among the first few purchasable stages in the original game, being the second stage of the final four. It is together with Fur Elise, Turkish March, Christmas Zoo and Korobeiniki the only song with Rapid Tiles.

The current world record is 4505 by EK.

Piano Tiles 2 - Canon Rock - 4505 World Record

Piano Tiles 2 - Canon Rock - 4505 World Record


JerryC is a Taiwanese guitarist and composer. He is best known for his rock arrangement of Pachelbel's Canon in D, named Canon Rock. Currently he has composed numerous scores on many Taiwanese movies and dramas.




Before 3-starEdit




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