Carmen Overture is the 49th stage of Piano Tiles 2. It is unlocked when the player reaches Level 17. With 903 tiles per round, this is the 15th longest song in the game, like Humoresque No.7 and it is very difficult. Combining extreme high speed with a length of 903 tiles, this song is maybe one of the Hardest Song in Piano Tiles 2. The current world record is 5880 by Glory YT.




This stage is well known for its extremly high speed, length and difficulty. With a length of 903 tiles, this is one of the longest stages in the whole game. While for the first two stars are 145 tiles need for each, after the second star are over 610 tiles more need. The sections for the stars one and two featuring lots of single tiles and some holding tiles, the very long section after star two for star three features compared to the high amount of holding tiles just a normal amount of single tiles. 


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