BEST DOUBLE TILES SKILL in Piano Tiles 2 - Csardas - 7033 Legendary Record09:55

BEST DOUBLE TILES SKILL in Piano Tiles 2 - Csardas - 7033 Legendary Record


FORMER HARDEST D.TILES in Piano Tiles 2 - Czardas - Legendary World Record (NO REVIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Csardas is the 130th stage of Piano Tiles 2, which can be found under the "Selection" music list and can be purchased with 10 Diamonds. It features a lot of double tiles and is, with 973 tiles per round, one of the longest songs in the game. This stage is often considered as one of the Hardest Songs in Piano Tiles 2 and hardest stages in game to earn 3 crowns. The current world record is 8069 by Variousthings/Constiff3251 with no reviving.

This is one of the two songs that slows down instead of speeding up, considering that from 5.53 tiles/s in Sect.1, it slows down to 5.2 tiles/s in Sect.2, and remained the same in Sect.3. After gaining 3 stars, it loops back to 5.53 tiles/s. Upon gaining 1 crown, it starts speeding up to 5.87 tiles/s, and that's where it no longer slows down.

Trivia Edit

  • The song is originally named "Czardas" but in the game, the "z" is changed to an "s."

Videos Edit

File:BEST DOUBLE TILES SKILL in Piano Tiles 2 - Csardas - 7393 Legendary Record-0


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