The double tile challenge is one of the three new challenges released in April 2017 (update It is located in the hall under the gameplay tab. The challenge is to go through all the double tiles presented at a steadily increasing speed.

You can also earn stars and crowns for playing the challenge just like you would in a typical level. Challenge yourself and go for the 3 crowns!

Strategy Edit

The double tiles become increasingly difficult around 6.7 TPS. You can earn 3 stars with just two fingers, but it becomes harder after that. It will be very difficult to obtain 3 crowns, or even one in general. It is recommended that you practice using four fingers on double tile songs to become skilled and thus more likely to earn a better score on this challenge.

Songs Included Edit

After completing all songs, the game will loop back to Ievan Polkka and start all over.

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