Etude Op.740 No.19 is a purchasable stage in Piano Tiles 2. This song is quite known for the high number of single tiles and its fast speed. It starts at an absurd 8 TPS and hold the record of more than 530 black tiles, ending at a speed of 8.67 TPS. This song is considered as the hardest "Etude" in the "Crazy Songs" Album. After obtaining the second crown, the player has to deal with a whopping 10.5 TPS, bypassing the threshold of some players. If the player obtains the third crown, the player has to deal with an unimaginable 11.3 tiles per second, actually matching its insane speed with Star Clock and Christmas Rhapsody. As of now, it is considered as one of the hardest, or even the hardest stage in the game for some players. The current best score for this song is 3073 by Jackson007YT with him being the first in the world to get more than 3,000 without pausing or cheating.