These are the stages from the newest Beepy's mod. See his channel here:

BEM Songs (Classical)Edit

Number Stage Name
BC1 Mariage D'Amour
BC2 Hungarian Sonata
BC3 Virus
BC4 Csardas Macabre
BC5 For Family Reasons - Theme
BC6 Annen-Polka Op. 117
BC7 Insanely Marching of Turks
BC8 Etude Op. 25 No. 1
BC9 Etude Op. 25 No. 2
BC10 Hungarian Dance No. 18
BC11 Irish Wedding Dance
BC12 Paganini Etude No. 6
BC13 L'Egyptienne
BC14 The Carnival of the Animals - Finale
BC15 Primavera
BC16 Etude Op. 76 No. 2
BC17 Sugar Cane Rag
BC18 Le Preux
BC19 Comptine d'un autre ete
BC20 Golden Waltz
BC21 Carmen - Overture
BC22 Etude Op. 1 No. 1
BC23 Four Seasons - Summer

BEM Songs (Modern)Edit

Number Stage Name
BM1 Faded
BM2 Super Mario World - Title Theme
BM3 We Were Angels
BM4 We Are Number One
BM5 Despacito
BM6 The Black Pearl
BM7 Death Waltz
BM8 Super Mario World - Castle Theme
BM9 Wake Me Up
BM10 Super Mario World - Ending Theme
BM11 Freedom Dive
BM12 Super Mario World - Overworld
BM13 Super Mario World - Athletic
BM14 One Last Wish
BM15 Not Alone
BM16 Bloody Tears
BM17 Anthem of Mysterious Forest
BM18 Dawn Before Sunrise

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