Jackson007YT SongsEdit

Number Stage Name
J1 Little Star (Mathias777 Long Tile +151 Version)
J2 Final Boss Jingle Bells
J3 Fast Piece
J4 Final Boss Alhambra
J5 Happy New Year (Mathias777 Version)
J6 Final Boss Fur Elise
J8 Final Boss Nutcracker
J9 Fast Piece No. 2
J10 Final Boss Moonlight Sonata
J11 12 TPS Single Tiles
J12 Final Boss Secret Canon
J13 Final Boss Csardas
J14 Final Boss Turkish March
J15 Fast Piece No. 3
J16 Final Boss Miss Fox
J17 Final Boss Csardas Macabre
J18 Chopsticks Short
J19 Final Boss Original Modlitwa Dziewicy
J20 Final Boss Secret Modlitwa Dziewicy
J21 Fast Piece No. 4
J22 Secret Little Star
J23 Final Boss Christmas Rhapsody
J24 The Persian Market Monkey
J25 Final Boss Pizzicato Polka
J26 Turkish March (Adaptation by Jackson007YT)

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