The single tile challenge is a challenge released during update It can be found in the hall under the classic tab. This challenge makes the player tap single tiles at a steadily increasing speed. Contrary to the name of the challenge, however, there are a few long holding tiles that create breaks between long streams of single tiles. This was most likely implemented to give the player breaks from painful single tapping and hand movements. Out of all challenges, this challenge has the fastest acceleration rate at between 0.008 ~ 0.009 TPS per switch.

This challenge also awards stars and crowns like a typical level. Do your best and you could get 3 crowns!

The current world record for this challenge is marked as 12.936 tiles/s. It is not confirmed if it is held by a person or bot.

Unlocking this challenge requires you to buy it with 1 diamond. To play it, it costs 2 hearts.

Songs IncludedEdit

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