Two Tigers is the fourth stage of Piano Tiles 2. It is unlocked when the player reaches Level 2.


The original folk song is Frère Jacques, a French folk song possibly from the 17th century. Throughout the 20th century in China, it eventually transformed into the title "Two Tigers" (兩隻老虎, Liǎng zhī lǎohǔ), with the same melody, but with different lyrics altogether. It was then spread around China and Taiwan and was better known as this title.


Between Two Tigers and Frère Jacques, there are no differences outside of lyrics.

As the piano plays the song, there are slight variations in the music each time, totaling of three times.


Assuming the time signature of 4/4, the timing of the taps are mainly based on the right hand part, where an eighth note is a single tile, a quarter note is a holding tile worth 3 points, and any note longer is worth more points. The holding tiles is very frequent before the first star, gradually becomes less frequent before the second star, and becomes nearly dominated by single tiles in the end.


Before 3-starEdit

There is nearly no difficulty in the beginning, even though the initial speed can be pretty fast. After getting the second star, be mindful of the consecutive single tiles, and watch out for the off-beat syncopation beats at the end. Be careful of the tiles' position during gameplay.


While getting the A-crown is simple, it becomes difficult to get B-crown the C-crown when the stage is constantly speeding up.


Gameplay VideosEdit

Piano Tiles 2 Two Tigers High Score World Record 1695 Piano Tiles 2 Song 403:29

Piano Tiles 2 Two Tigers High Score World Record 1695 Piano Tiles 2 Song 4

Played by Intellectual Games
Final Score 1695 ♚ ♚ ♚
004 Two Tigers (2 Nag Taube)02:46

004 Two Tigers (2 Nag Taube)

Played by Dessa Silva
Final Score 1060 ♛ ♛
004 Two Tigers (3 Marco Sisto)02:19

004 Two Tigers (3 Marco Sisto)

Played by Marco Sisto
Final Score 839 ♛ ♛ ♛
004 Two Tigers (4 BBANG'S GAMES)02:43

004 Two Tigers (4 BBANG'S GAMES)

Final Score 792 ♛ ♛ ♛
004 Two Tigers (1 xDeatherXx)02:38

004 Two Tigers (1 xDeatherXx)

Played by xDeatherXx
Final Score 1073 ♛ ♛

Two Tigers (with Chinese Lyrics)Edit

Two Tigers Song01:52

Two Tigers Song

Two Tigers
Time Notes
0:10 / 0:27 两只老虎,两只老虎,
Two tigers, two tigers,
0:15 / 0:31 跑得快,跑得快,
Runs fast, runs fast,
0:19 / 0:35 一只没有眼睛(耳朵),一只没有尾巴,
One has no eyes, one has no tail,
0:23 / 0:39 真奇怪,真奇怪。
So strange, so strange.

Frère Jacques (French)Edit

Mundwerk - a cappella - Frère Jacques03:05

Mundwerk - a cappella - Frère Jacques

Frère Jacques (With round)
Time Notes
0:10 Frère Jacques, frère Jacques,
Are you sleeping, (x2)
0:14 Dormez-vous ? Dormez-vous ?
Brother John? (x2)
0:19 Sonnez les matines! Sonnez les matines!
Morning bells are ringing! (x2)
0:23 Ding, dang, dong. Ding, dang, dong.
Ding, ding, dong. (x2)
0:45 Whistling starts
1:05 Voices gradually drops
2:00 Resume singing
2:30 In Unison

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