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  • BowserFanKai

    A short minigame

    December 26, 2016 by BowserFanKai

    Your favourite song in PT2 

    Most beautiful song in PT2

    Creepiest song in PT2 

    Saddest song in PT2

    Most relaxing song in PT2 

    Most joyful/ happiest song in PT2

    Most aggressive song in PT2

    Best memories song in PT2

    Best underwater song in PT2

    Best song for dancing in PT2

    Most badass song in PT2

    Best apocalypse song in PT2

    Most boring song in PT2

    Best song for Halloween in PT2

    A song you associate with a TV Show (Show+Song)

    Mainstream favourite song of everyone in PT2

    Everything based on your own oppinion! 

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  • BowserFanKai

    In this top 5, I'll show you the in my opinion easiest double tiles songs to earn 3 crowns in Piano Tiles 2.

    The number 5 spot on my list takes "The Blue Danube". It has a starting speed of 3.33 Tp/s and features only after one star the double tiles, but increases the speed from 3.33 Tp/s to 4.17 Tp/s between star one and two, and between stars two and three to 4.58 Tp/s, which is a quite high increase of speed, but it is still really easy. When I read at first Danube, I thought it was some kind of camel. XD

    "Four Seasons- Spring" isn't just the in my opinion best movement of Four Seasons, it is too one of the easiest songs in the game, to earn 3 crowns. It might be with 4.33 Tp/s the fastest song on this list, but there is no successive dou…

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